What is our purpose?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

What is divine purpose? Today the world seems upside down with uncertainty. People are wondering what going to unfold next. Will we survive this pandemic? will we be able to continue to live in a divided universe? According to the definition of a divine purpose, it is our personal life mission, it is an a-ha moment in our lives. Right now I believe that we all need a-ha moment/ a divine purpose that has nothing to do with a job, the money that we have in our pockets, who we know or don't know. It is all about finding our purpose and acting upon it, moving in divine faith within ourselves.

So, I asked my reader, how would you align with your our divine purpose to help not only you but also the people around you....

Wanda Jones Lopez/Artist/Photographer - Urban Spirit. 1/6/2021

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