Catch Your Wave of Faith.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

As far back as I can remember I have always seemed myself as a dreamer. When I was a young girl, I imagine myself once in a car going through the tollbooth at the Cross-Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge with a smile. I was moving, and heading to new adventures, new people, and new things. I always have a quest and a spirit for looking beyond my neighborhood. And in my mind, I was already snapping visual photos of the places that I saw before I got there and the people that I would meet along my journey.

So, today as I look back, I am doing that. By being a photographer/artist. I love life and I love people and love catching moments in time. And I hope to inspire everyone that visit my website to enjoy my continuous journey of life with me.

Always remember to dream, dream, dream. No matter how old you are. See the dream in your hearts.

Wanda Jones Lopez/Photographer- Artist/ Urban Spirit.

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