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    Blog, photography and more for today's vibrant urban communities. (c) Urban Spirit WJoneslopez 2020 

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 Urban Spirit 


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Blogger, Photographer & Artist 

Wanda Jones-Lopez 

About Me 

Hi,  Let me introduce myself,  my name is Wanda Jones Lopez and I am the creator of  Urban Spirit blog, photography and artist website . 

Urban Spirit is about urban communities, urban vibes, beauty and urban connections to our roots. 

I love my roots from NYC inner city and I  am excited to share beautiful and vibrant photos, uplifting inspirations stories, poetry and tribal quotes with my audience. I hope that everyone will come with me on my journey through  this website and enjoy every moment with me. 

Thank you for joining Urban Spirit website by Wanda Jones Lopez , 2020 


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"What makes connects us and brings us  together" 


NYC Underground Music

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